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Stick Season/Seasonal Transitions

Changing it up ...

Sunny, crisp, and windy today. Pumpkins on the porch. Hot soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch in front of the season's first fire. Here in Vermont, “ stick season” is on its way. Fallen leaves blanket hiking trails. Bird feeders decorate porches. The chilly air is filled with the hum of leaf blowers. Naked branches wait to be dressed by winter storms.

Transition your acrylic coated tablecloth with a few subtle choices. You don’t need to be a designer to accomplish this trick. Simply pick a few details and highlight them. The tricolor pumpkin stack is a play on the three main colors in the border. The ivory pumpkin on the tabletop is reflected in the wise owls’ eyes. Scattered leaves on the porch mimic the delicate flowers on the cloth. The sunflowers complement the warm glow of stacked wood. Never enough sunflowers, pumpkin pie and apple cider….

Let your tapestry runner do double duty. Small red, green and gold Christmas balls reflect the accent colors in this beautiful French Country, tapestry runner. The pattern on the napkins and a holiday candle adds texture and charm. Suddenly you are Holiday ready!

So many possibilities - have fun!

Brenda & Tina

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