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French Table Linen Fabric Care


100% Cotton

Machine washable in cold or warm water. Tumble dry on a low setting, however hang dry for best results. Some ironing may be  required.

100% Acrylic Coated Cotton Tablecloths

Just wipe with a soft cloth or sponge if there is a spill and after every use. It is best not to let a spill dry on the table.  While highly stain resistant, bright colored liquids such as curry, red wine, tomato based sauces, coffee, etc can stain, if left too long, so try to wipe these up immediately.  You should rarely have to wash your acrylic cloth but can wash if needed cold water, gentle cycle, gentle spin and no bleach or fabric softener. Chemicals and abrasives can damage the cloth. Line dry is usually fine but if it needs to be ironed, iron or steam, cloth side up on a medium setting. Should not be machine dried.  NOTE:  This fabric is wonderful for outdoor uses but should not be left outside where it will remain wet or damp for any length of time.  No cotton cloth/fabric is mold or mildew proof.


100% Woven Cotton with Teflon™ Coating  

Wash on gentle cycle, gentle spin, cold water, mild detergent, no bleach or fabric softener. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. We have tested many liquids and sauces. Most do not need pretreatment but an oil based spill needs a little bit of Dawn detergent worked into the stain before washing.  Line dry, should not machine dry. Dupont Teflon treated table linens benefit from an occasional ironing as this helps to maintain the Dupont Teflon treatment.

60% Cotton / 40% Cotton Tapestry Weave

 Machine wash on gentle cycle, cold or warm water, no bleach, no fabric softener.  Should not machine dry. Reshape and line dry.   May be dry cleaned.


50% Cotton - 50% Linen Tablecloths and Runners

Wash in plenty of cold water separate from other laundry. Gentle cycle, gentle spin. Reshape as needed while damp and iron when damp. Do not tumble dry.  May be dry cleaned.

100% Cotton Acrylic Coated basket

The basket has an internal poly form for the framing. You can rinse in the sink, use a mild detergent if there is a stain and hang or air dry.



Machine wash on gentle cycle, cold water, delicate spin. Dry on delicate adding a dryer sheet to prevent static electricity. Take out of dryer when dry to prevent any wrinkling.

Also, please refer to manufacturers care instructions on sewn in label.  For a guide to international washing symbols please see

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