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Country French Table Linen FAQ

What is the difference between Acrylic coating and Teflon treatment for fabrics?

Teflon™ treatment permeates the threads of the fabric. When something is spilled, the liquid beads up before it soaks in and allows for a quick blot with a napkin.  The treatment allows for stain resistance but the feel and look of the tablecloth is the same as a traditional cloth…soft and supple to the touch.  See fabric care instructions.


Acrylic coating forms a layer on top of the cotton fabric surface.  Because of the cotton base, it has a much nicer drape and soft sheen unlike oilcloth or vinyl.   The cloth gets more supple with  use.  These cloths rarely need washing and can be wiped clean after each use.  See fabric care instructions.


Both Acrylic coating and Teflon™ treatment prevent liquids from seeping into the cotton thread.  


What does En Place mean?

En Place in English means “placed”. The pattern is in the shape of the table. The pattern on our round tablecloths is circular. The oval pattern on some of our acrylic rectangular tablecloths accommodates both rectangular and oval tables.

What is the difference between printed, damask and  jacquard tablecloths?

Printed  - the design is simply printed on top of the fabric and the underside is plain.

Jacquard - the design is woven into the fabric and you can see the design on both sides. They  are noted for their bright, beautiful dyed threads and intricate designs.

Damask  - the design is woven into the fabric and is  usually a solid color. The cloth has a more traditional and formal feel.

How do I read fabric tag symbols sewn into the cloth?

Here is a link


What size tablecloth do I need?

Measure the length and width (diameter for a round table) of your table, then add 10 to 24 inches.   This will give you a 5 to 12 inch drop.  The length a tablecloth hangs below the surface is called the drop length. Most dining room tablecloths have a drop length between 5-12 inches, no further than diner’s laps.   For a rectangular table, it is suggested that the drop on all sides be as close as possible.   A more formal cloth may reach all the way to the ground, as will a tablecloth intended to hide unattractive table legs.   An informal setting, like a rectangular patio or picnic table could have no drop on the short side of the table.  Choose the size cloth that is closest to your measurements and style.   Please note that all tablecloths shrink a small amount when they are first washed so anticipate about a 2% shrinkage.

What is Jacquard Fabric and why is it so unique?

A Jacquard woven fabric is created on a Jacquard loom. Joseph Marie Jacquard  created his special loom in 1804 and sparked a textile revolution. The design of the fabric is incorporated into the weave using various yarn dyed thread and weaving techniques. This is unlike other designs that are printed or dyed onto the fabric. As a result, the patterns can be very complex with beautiful color fast gradations, bold outlines and unique patterns.

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