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Olives Green Jacquard Tablecloth

Olives Green Jacquard Tablecloth


Step into an ancient olive grove. The green of an early or ripe olive, the color of an olive branch or leaf, the hue of first pressed olive oil are all found in the lush greens of this tablecloth. Olive black stakes its claim in crisp borders with white, sage and gray. Clusters of olive and branch are strategically woven into the center of the cloth. Garlands of olives rim the sage and mossy green drape. All that is missing is a loaf of crusty bread, some runny cheese and a glass of...


This lovely cotton jacquard is Teflon™ treated for stain resistance and easy care and drapes beautifully.  Machine washable.  See fabric care directions under Resources.   100% Cotton, yarn dyed and woven.


Fabric made in France.  Sewn in France.

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