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Marius Rouge Jacquard Tablecloth

Marius Rouge Jacquard Tablecloth


The name Marius is thought to be derived from the Roman war god Mars.  The link between the Roman empire and France is well documented and this tablecloth is a tribute to that history.


Clean lines and a geometric motif reflect the history that bonds the ancient Romans and France. This cloth features a central white and gray tile pattern with a contrasting border of small geometric shapes in rusty red, gray and ivory that bridge both old and new... a reflection of the past but contemporary in feel.


This lovely cotton jacquard is Teflon™ treated for stain resistance and easy care and drapes beautifully.  Machine washable.  See fabric care directions under Resources. 100% Cotton, yarn dyed and woven.


Fabric made in France.  Sewn in France.

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