Senanques Ecru/Blue Jacquard Tablecloth

Senanques Ecru/Blue Jacquard Tablecloth

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The Senanque Abbey, in Provence, was built in the 12th century. The monks who live and worship there plant and cultivate visually stunning fields of lavender.


A beautiful tablecloth featuring a ceramic white center with tailored, linear borders of navy, taupe and blue. Delicately woven sprays of lavender highlight the center of the table and accent the blue drape of the cloth. Your place settings will shine on this versatile design whether they are modern white, heirloom china or farmhouse pottery.


This lovely cotton jacquard is Teflon™ treated for stain resistance and easy care and drapes beautifully.  Machine washable.  See fabric care directions under Resources.   100% Cotton, yarn dyed and woven.


Fabric made in France.  Sewn in France.