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Clos des Olivier - Red Round Coated Cotton

Clos des Olivier - Red Round Coated Cotton


A lush cluster of olives and branch on warm red anchor the center of this classic tablecloth. A soft but deeper red accentuates the filigree border. The drape repeats the olive grove theme. Accents of green, brown and black. Crusty bread, fragrant olive oil and local wine beckon?


100% cotton coated with acrylic, stain and fade resistant and long lasting protection for your table. It has a beautiful drape which gets softer with each use. Clean up is as easy as wiping with a damp sponge.  Can be machine washed and line dried. See fabric care directions under Resources. Perfect inside or outside.


This tablecloth measures 69" in diameter, and will fit most round tables up to 52 inches in diameter.  Shown on large and small round.  Please refer to the tablecloth sizing guide for more information.  


Fabric made in France.  Sewn in France.

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